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"QAnon Buddhist" Conflicted Over Which Path is True Awakening

Apr 17, 2019

Ashley Wilson, dedicated Buddhist and avid QAnon Supporter, is conflicted over which path is True Awakening.

The practicing monk has dedicated her life to liberating herself and others from suffering.  Through meditation and community, she’s reached deep epiphanies of delicious nirvana that keep getting clearer.  

And also, each evening, she goes to the Internet and dedicates hours with her online Q community searching to hinge the unhinged "trail of breadcrumbs" in a “calm before the storm."

Meditation is a muscle, and “figuring out the hidden messages” is also a muscle.  The more you feed it, the more it takes over you.

So now a schism has split her worlds.  She’s torn by the following:

  • Is True Awakening freedom from attachment, or is it getting attached to clues and breadcrumbs?
  • Is it freedom from suffering, or is it making your enemies suffer in an upcoming civil war?
  • Do I overcome anxiety and uncertainty through meditation, or through super-theories that can give me a sense of control?
  • Do I find refuge in our community (sangha), or in our online community (patriots)?
  • Is liberation found in the infinite nothing, or is it found through Trump (also known as the infinite nothing)?

Indeed.  These are the questions that keep insomniacs awake at night.  And these are the questions that help others sleep lucidly.

So what it going to be?  Which liberation are you?  How can Ashley resolve her tension?  Feel free to share your stories in our social media comments sections.

Thank you for your awakened support.

The Tilted Glass