Reality Adjustments

Excuse Me, Stranger: Can You Talk More Loudly On Your Cell Phone?

Jun 15, 2018

Hey you!

I hear you talking on your phone inside that cafe, that restaurant, and that grocery store.

My!  Now you are having a video chat.

Oh look, here we meet again in this movie theater.  I see you texting.  I see how you glow… glow from within.  Every movie I go in now are filled with fireflies.

And now you are watching a YouTube video on speakerphone.

You are putting on a show for us!  You are like a famous movie star.

What’s your motivation.  Seriously.  Is it:

A) You don’t worry about being “rude.”  It’s normal 21st century behavior now.  Everyone’s doing it.  The public world is your private home and office.  Get with the program, old timer.  Digital saturation is the present and future.

B) You just don’t care.  Let them deal with you.  You’re gangster.  Haters gotta hate.

C) You like the conversational limelight.  You’re on stage.  It shows you are important, busy, in charge.  You know that people enjoy hearing how bright you are.  When others eavesdrop on your chit chat it makes a positive difference in their world.  The butterfly effect.  Ripples.  Ocean.  

Is this the future?  For real?

The Tilted Glass