Reality Adjustments


Another 👓Reality Adjustment 👓 by The Tilted Glass.

We make fresh content to battle the forces of reality.

This is the work of one person posing as a media empire.

Who is this person?  Good question. We wish we ourselves knew.

Our mission: Adjust reality by any means possible, frequently humor, although not always.

I create original content that shifts between the serious, the satirical and the enchanted: ideally all three.

Have you ever been so far out here?  Where the difference between smart and stupid is zero?  The infinite... wow.  We are in love.

A home for upside down glasses.  A space for double-visionaries.

Things here are as they seem. Nothing unusual at all.  Nothing.  Your haven from the nasty paradoxes in this cruel world.

Because sometimes only a tilted glass can see things straight.  Sometimes only fiction can reveal truth.  We reflect a schizophrenic world.

And just what is that deep yearning cord that tugs inside us all, striving to break through the noise, achieve our purpose, and help humanity avert a yet unnamed but impending cataclysmic event?

Reality Adjustments.

Or something like that.

I hope you enjoy this labor of love by our dedicated staff.  Stay a while, click around, explore.  Join the discussion in our social media channels and stay current through our mailing list.

Thank you for your time.  We love you.

Our Media Empire:

Editor in Chief: R. Corp

Creative Director: Liza Burinalkis

VP of Marketing: Brenda Handson

Staff Writers: Franny Chau, Sammy Coppick, Timothy "The Fern" Lords, Justine McManus, Tina Near, Chris Ray, Regis Starbuckle, Jose Maria Sanchez Lopez, Peter Sandwich

Sentient Machine Therapist: Jeanine Salla

Resident Conspiratorialist: Alex Shankman

Resident Spiritual Seeker: Wolf Moonshadow XY

Meteorologist: Todd Mythos

Chief of Security: Frankie Villoso

Credits: Rocky and Bullwinkle

The Tilted Glass