Your Haven from the Paradoxes of the World. Things Here Are as They Seem.


Your Haven from the Paradoxes of the World. Things Here Are as They Seem.

We are a hot rising star in a cold pixellated sky.

We jest through original content that shifts between the serious, the satirical and the enchanted: if possible, all three.  On December 12, 2018 we celebrated our one year birthday.

We are the home of the upside down glasses logo.  A fresh voice for double-visionaries.

Sometimes only a tilted glass can see things straight.  Sometimes only fiction can reveal truth.  We reflect a schizophrenic world, by any means available to us.

Because there's a deep yearning cord that tugs inside as we strive to break through this datanoiseland, achieve our purpose, and help humanity avert its unnamed and impending cataclysmic event.

News for heroes.  Enchanted art will tear down the towers.  Cheaper than therapy.  Nothing is safe here.

We are happy you are here.  Explore awhile.  Peek into the lively discussions on our social media channels.

Thank you for your time.

Our Media Empire:

Editor in Chief: Robert Corp

Creative Director: Liza Burinalkis

VP of Marketing: Brenda Handson

Staff Writers: Franny Chau, Sammy Coppick, Timothy "The Fern" Lords, Justine McManus, Tina Near, Chris Ray, Regis Starbuckle, Jose Maria Sanchez Lopez, Peter Sandwich

Sentient Machine Therapist: Jeanine Salla

Resident Conspiratorialist: Alex Shankman

Resident Spiritual Seeker: Wolf Moonshadow XY

Meteorologist: Todd Mythos

Chief of Security: Frankie Villoso

Credits: Rocky and Bullwinkle

The Tilted Glass