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Solar Powered Tanning Beds a Big Hit Across America

It has been tweeted as a victory for green renewable energy.

A manufacturer of solar powered tanning beds can’t keep up with demand.  Beaches across America are now willing up with solar powered tanning beds!

Because no power outlet is needed, the units are frequently dragged to remote places.  This means pristine environments do not need...

Trump Announces New Line of Jade Yoni Eggs

For Immediate Release:

Today, just in time for Christmas, the Donald Trump Corporation launches its exclusive line of jade yoni eggs.

Our crystal healing Trump Stones are perfect for women to flex their sacred kegel exercises within intimate spaces.

Trump invites every woman to insert a TRUMP KEGEL...

When We Say Socialism, We Mean Finland Not China

Why do people vote against their own interests?  Such as health care, a clean environment, and basic human rights?

The response usually goes “I love freedom not socialism!”

And here socialism means a state run totalitarian dictatorship, such as the former Soviet Union, Venezuela, Cuba, or China.

But that is not socialism.  Finland is...

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