Reality Adjustments

Citadel’s Poor Build Moat to Protect King’s Royal Treasury

Dec 19, 2018

Per king’s decree, the poor people of this land continued building a great moat around our great nation’s citadels.

“The poor people from the outside are trying to come in and take our gold!” reminded the king.  “They want the good life, like you have it.  They are from dumpy countries!”

Then the king turned back to his golden throne, escorted by ladies of his royal harem.  

The poor people of this land punched their time cards, not a minute too early.  Walking home, they traded in the black market for cheaper medicines to help mom and dad, who are getting quite old now.  They returned to their 30-year mortgages and enjoyed dinner and the ball game with beloveds.  After a few drinks, someone began yelling with all the king’s ire about those horrible poor people trying to swim across the moat and break into the good life.

The Tilted Glass