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Mexican Wall to be Paid for by Taco Bell

Jan 10, 2018

The Trump Administration has finally gotten Mexico to pay for the wall, in a sense.  After failing to make a deal with Mexico, Trump reached out to Taco Bell to fund the wall.

As part of the condition for funding the 22 billion dollar project, Taco Bell will have exclusive rights to place their logo on every panel.

“It’s going to be doubly bigly,” said Trump.  “This is much better than Mexico paying for it.  Now all Mexicans will get to enjoy their favorite tacos as they try and make a run for the border.”

A spokesperson for Yum! Brands, the parent company for Taco Bell based out of China, added the following, “This is a very big day for all the Chinese people.  We have built The Great Wall of China.  Now we get to build the Great Wall of Mexico.  We are thinking outside the bun dynasty. 谢谢 gracias.”

The wall, protested heavily by human rights and economic advocates as an ineffective and costly political stunt, has also been dismissed by environmental advocates for its devastating effects on wildlife habitats.

Taco Bell was quick to respond.  “All animals that die along the wall will be grinded into our taco 'meat filling' blend.  This is a win-win situation for all.”

Last seen, in an unusual engineering twist, an array of Chinese satellite cameras has begun to pop up along the top of the wall, pointing toward the Far East.

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