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Economic Victory! US Crushes China in Manufactured Crises Production

Feb 11, 2019

Censorship alert!  Trump delivers new economic miracles the mainstream media refuses to broadcast.

The US has re-gained the #1 spot in Crisis Manufacturing for the first time since its 2003 Invasion of Iraq, beating out tough competition from China, France, and Spain.

Thanks to Trump’s manufacturing of an imminent “border crisis” with Mexico, and its resulting “government shutdown crisis,” the US now exports more manufactured crises than it imports.  That's great news!

These crises, combined with its manufactured “men in women's restrooms crisis," the “War on Christmas,” the “Iran & North Korean nuclear scares,” and the “feminism destroys families crisis,” have blasted the US into a league of its own.

In other good news, the US also re-took the #1 spot in non-manufactured crises, thanks to its gun violence, lack of public health care, environmental destruction, dwindling middle class, growing debt, war on free press, white domestic terrorism, and incarceration of minorities.

Trump kicked off a tour to celebrate his victory.  He’s using these uplifting statistics as further evidence he's fulfilling his promise to make America great again.  He spent the week jet-hopping through the Rust Belt, visiting manufacturing plants hurt by Trump's tariffs, promising more work and raises to all blue collar voters.

Finally, some good news again amidst Soros's fake media lies!

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