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8 Unusual Stock Market Tips from a Zen Master

Jan 24, 2018

In the Appalachian foothills lives the Elder Johanus, a zen master who has never seen a computer, nor has a bank account.  He offers these 8 unusual investment tips.

Our lawyers advise us to say that this is for entertainment purposes only.

1) Learn to love losing.  

What goes up, must go down.  Do not be attached to either the up or the down.  Winning-attachment-energy is the same as losing-attachment-energy.  By learning to love losing, you can then neutralize your value in material achievement and shift your value into your true seat.

2) You cannot buy because there is no you.

Buying low and selling high is bad advice.  You cannot buy because there is no you.  The market is pieces of ourself fighting over ourself.  Stop buying what you already owns.  Likewise, you cannot sell what you always own.

3) The American Dream is smoke.

In Wall Street there is an idea of the American Dream where anyone can become a millionaire without working hard at it, like striking gold, oil, or in this case a hot technology stock.  Then one day you find yourself transfixed to the analytics, day and night, never resting, always “never working”, hooked in a similar way that one stares at betting machines in Las Vegas, mind spinning over bewildering mathematics in the moment, becoming addicted to the feeling around it, a feeling so difficult to let go.  This dream is smoke.

4) The Ego 

In Pop Spirituality, there is this idea of Manifesting Abundance, where one can “put it out there” through affirmation, prayers, and the secret law of attraction to draw material achievement to your wishes.  Financial tips from angels or higher power begin to magically reveal themselves to you.  But ask yourself: Why are psychics not millionaires?  The ego gets involved.

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