Reality Adjustments

New VR Glasses Lets Students Live With Parents’ Opportunities

Dec 03, 2018

The Cassandra Company releases its new VR for Students™ glasses. 

With these headsets, the daily reality of a student’s day are altered back to 60s and 70s.

Tuition too high?  Can’t afford a home?  Turn back the clock.  Now you can afford everything working just one job.

Engineers & Fine Arts Majors: Stop driving for Uber or walking those dogs.  With VR for Students™, your degree lands you opportunities at a place where your knowledge is valued.

Climate too hot?  Landscape too polluted?  The Cassandra Company can help you see this tilted world straight.

VR for Students™ by The Cassandra Company.  Priced at an affordable $2499.99 a month in only 720 easy installments.

Get yours today.  Because today's generation is fed up with this bullshit.  And without these headsets, massive social unrest is a’coming.

The Tilted Glass