Reality Adjustments

Here’s Why I Support Random Daylight Savings Time

Mar 10, 2019

People complain about daylight savings time. They say it is a disruptive and unnecessary byproduct of the Progressive Era

But clocks jumping around have an unappreciated perk.  The jumps remind us that the 24 hour clock system is an Industrial Age structure, a result of the mechanical clock. 

By moving time backwards and forward, we are reminded to listen to nature. To the rise and set of the sun, before Prometheus stole fire and gave us all permanent light. In this way, daylight savings reminds us of the importance of darkness.

This is why we are calling for randomized daylight savings. This should occur at irregular intervals, multiple times per month. It can jump 2 or 3 hours even. Anything to disrupt the machine, and hence return us back to nature’s rhythms. 

Welcome to throwing out the clock. Welcome to random time. A fluid time, eventually even breaking free from earth’s natural rhythms, into quantum reality. O yeah. 

The Tilted Glass