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How to Get Rich in America Without Being Born Rich

May 07, 2018

It troubles your soul to see rich people everywhere online and on TV, since you are not rich.

But you are working so hard at your job.  You may have even made it to a low 6 figure salary.  But turns out it's not all that rich.  You're still working hard to stay afloat.  And your standards have gone up.  You always seem to break even or even take on some debt, no matter how much you make.

Your income is still in the “meh” range.

So you're thinking about becoming a doctor, lawyer, oil tycoon, or Wall Street investor, except those paths often require that you come from good money to get the good money.

So how can you get rich?  What options do Millennials born in the lower or middle class have?

The Tilted Glass has put together 8 ways for you to get rich without being born rich.

1) Get naked

Post selfies of yourself being hot on social media.  

Become an influencer.  The younger you are the better.


2) Sex Tape

Have sex with a famous person and then sell the sex tape.

You can also just make a sex tape and sell it, but you will get more if the person is famous in some way.


3) Sex Scandal Blackmail

This is similar to #2, except it's more in the blackmail category.

Have sex with a celebrity, politician, or rich business person. 

You need to blackmail the person you slept with.  It's best if sleeping with you will scandalize them in some way.  For example, if they are married and want to keep the affair silent.  Or if they are a public figure and the affair will embarrass them (thing anti-gay politicians being gay).


4) Prostitution/Escort

Become a high end escort for rich people.


5) Porn

Work in porn.  Porn makes less than it used to since everyone expects free porn.  So you will need to go for quantity over quality.

6) Cryptocurrency

Put all your money in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  Become a millionaire fast when it goes up.

7) Do something on the web that’s smart where you earn just pennies but a massive quantity of pennies that can run itself passively

Nothing more needs said here.


8) Become a famous entertainer or sports person

Use your talents in the sports and entertainment industry.  Earn millions of dollars per minute like LeBron James, Steven Spielberg, or Beyonce.

That’s It!  

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