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​6+ Crazy Golfers in War & Natural Disaster

Feb 01, 2018

[Updated May 2018 - Hawaii's Kilauea volcano]

What I first saw an ad of a man golfing during a volcanic explosion, I was hooked.  It struck me as a real life example of collage artist Winston Smith, who is most well known for his work with the punk rock group the Dead Kennedys.

Here is a piece by Smith called Bringing the War Home, in which a man living the Nuclear Family life is mowing his lawn during a bomb drop:

I began to search for more examples of people golfing during volcanoes.  I soon found that people were willing to battle all kinds of harsh climates.  Here are my favorites.

1) Fire

How’s the heat?  These golfers continued as the Oregon wildfires burned just a short drive away.  Via reddit u/Kolsefur.

2) Water

These two are from the United Kingdom, when Caerleon’s municipal golf course was under three feet of water.  Greenskeeper Stuart Whittington tries to play a shot on the flooded course.

3) Tornado

This unnamed golfer drives into oncoming tornado.  Would that improve the distance of the drive, technically?

4) Ice

Ice Golfing is actually a thing now.  Brightly colored balls help the players in the snow and ice.  Here is Tina Blomme, the inventor of Snow Golf, playing on the first official Snow Golf Course built next to the Ice Hotel outside of Quebec, Canada

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