grade Weinstein Denied Emotional-Support Fire Ants on Virgin Airlines Flight

Posted on February 02, 2018

Harvey Weinstein was recently banned from taking his colony of "emotional-support fire ants“ on board a Virgin Airlines flight.

Virgin says this was explained to the traveller before he arrived at JFK international.  In wake of this, Virgin and other airlines are scurrying to update their policies to deal with emotional-support animals that passengers are allowed to fly with—ranging from peacocks to fish to pigs—such as requiring 48-hour notice and proper documentation for trained service animals and untrained emotional-support animals. 

Fire ants are aggressive venomous insects with pinching mandibles and a sharp stinger.  A fire ant sting is usually characterized by an instant sense of burning followed by itching and a raised red welt on the skin that last for many hours.  In rare cases, intense swelling occurs that sometimes results in anaphylaxis.

Weinstein, the film producer recently scandalized by sexual assault allegations, that then helped trigger the #MeToo movement, was visibly shaken by the encounter, saying that he needed his ants.  He would wince every few seconds, swatting at the colony, yet putting them back on again as one happened to wander off.

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