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Novak Djokovic Beats France and Croatia in World Cup

Jul 15, 2018

Wimbledon, Russia

13 days on these 13 acres.  It all built to this: The end of the road in Russia.

Croatia is playing in its first World Cup final.   The team is called the "Gold Generation,” comprised of mostly veterans. France on the other hand is a young team just getting started.

But neither could beat the Serbian giant, Novak Djokovic.  The 31-year-old who made a comeback this year after an elbow injury.  He surely did not feel like a clear favorite, despite his 12 Grand Slam titles, three of which came at Wimbledon.

Both sides faced many tests along the way.  Croatia had to beat a team of all stars with Steph Curry and Kevin Durant in Golden State.  France weathered out the Houston Astros in an epic 7 game series.  While Djokovic made his way through Washington and its Capitals over ice.

As it got started, Djokovic drank the magic potion of gummy berry juice and became one of the Holograms. France and Croatia on the other hand, even after forming Voltron, couldn’t get Captian Planet to save their part of the planet.

The streams really started to flow when their grass court field came riding on the back of the balls upon it.  And that’s when Djokovic, standing in for Buddha, beat the split nature of its binary opponent.

Pretty much, yeah.

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