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Trump: Focus On My Wall, Not My Crimes

On Tuesday night, Trump rallied the nation over his made-up border crisis.  It was a live telecast of what he likes to tweet about.  He summoned all the news stations to broadcast his painting of reality.  He spoke of the great fears of our nation.  He insisted on not paying some 800,000 government...

Trump: Russians To Help Monitor US Elections

The Russian military have been invited to serve as a third-party international monitor to the United States democratic process.

“Americans demand free and fair elections!” said Donald Trump in a recent tweet.  “So I’ve invited unbiased international election monitors to supervise our democratic process.  No fake votes!”

On Friday...

Trump Declares War on Al-Gebra

The following is an excerpt Trump gave at a rally last night.

COLUMBUS, OH. Friends.  There is a new kind of terrorism.  The liberals are all in on it.  The fake news is in on it.  There are reports that it has infiltrated our military, our banks, our automobiles, even our...

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