Reality Adjustments

Let’s “Solve Immigration” by Letting Native Americans Decide

Jul 15, 2019

Worried about America’s manufactured immigration crisis?

Confused why a group of colonizers have the power to decide immigration law?

Do you suspect a costly and medieval wall will help nothing and only serve to hurt wildlife?

There is a simple way out of all of these immigration dilemmas… and more!

Give full power to a council of indigenous Native American elders. From here on out, our native elders get to decide who stays and who goes.  Let our Native American elders define America's true character.

White people: Fear not!  I’m sure you will be loved by the color of your infinite soul in these brown lands.

Women, men, two-spirts and more: Fear not!  I’m sure you will be judged by the expression of your character, not the expression of your gender.

Colonizers: Fear not!  I’m sure you will not be corralled into concentration camps on reservations, forced from the very homes you were born in due to the crimes of your parents.

The Native American passport is coming.  Plead your case to Wakan Tanka and trust in the quality of your character to grant you that green card.  After all, we are all just lodgers here... temporarily passing through these sacred lands.

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