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Some Dipshit Feigns Patriotism to Trick You into Voting Against Yourself

Jul 16, 2019

In today’s news, some rich dipshit pretended to be patriotic so he could trick you into voting against your own self interests. 

The dipshit millionaire, the son of other dipshit millionaires, also managed to convince millions of Americans how Christian he was as he paid to rape a harem of young girls.

But right before this dipshit funneled your taxes into his bank account through the form of government contracts and favors, he fanned the flames of prejudice to make sure everybody fought with the chaos and each other instead of focusing on him and his dipshit friends, many of whom are from the “enemy” states he got you patriotically blaming.  They had a good laugh at that one at your expense.

Last seen, Americans boasted that true patriotism means hating affordable healthcare, housing, education, clean air and water, women’s rights, sexuality, and fair taxes on the super-wealthy. 

They also noted that their dipshit leader was sent from Jesus to save them from the true enemy: the Mexicans.


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