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Report: Trump Is Very Smart, Is a Scholar of Martin Heidegger

Feb 18, 2019

It turns out that Donald Trump is a deeply-studied scholar of Martin Heidegger.  Something the fake news won’t tell you.

Calling the German philosopher’s writings pretty “light reading” and someone who “writes as I Tweet,” the US president has been particularly fascinated with Heidegger’s life for a dozen-or-so years starting from 1933, where Heidegger rose to higher political status.

Trump's favorite passage by far is “The President alone is the present and future American reality and its law. Learn to know ever more deeply: from now on every single thing demands decision, and every action responsibility.”

Heidegger, a giant in the field of 20th century philosophy, is known for his contributions to hermeneutics and existentialism.  His most famous book, Being and Time, turns away from reality-based questions on what is factually present, and more to a study of Being, of what it means for something to be.

Later this year, Trump is planning an official Head of State visit to the University of Freiburg, where Heidegger once served as rector.  

Heidegger, always the performer who wasn’t afraid to boast his personal greatness, wrote of the “glory and greatness of this new beginning” for his fellow citizens, which directly influenced Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again.”

The feelings of these facts reported here at The Tilted Glass should settle things about Trump's intelligence once and for all.  Is not the texture of the world grasped only by our emotions? Where the king of all shall fly like a Bald Eagle over the expanding American Realm?

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