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10 Shopped Photos of Trump Looking Average

Aug 29, 2018

We did a little photoshop experiment.

The Trump brand is all about being big and powerful and a sex-machine.  True or not, president Trump has invested time and effort into making sure this vision becomes your reality.  This is why he sold the world’s best steaks exclusively through The Sharper Image and QVC, for example.

But have you ever seen Donald Trump looking average?  He is always in a big suit or surrounded by gold.  

It would sure change his brand if people passed around images of him looking average.  Jeez, how would Trump react if people saw him as small?

Here are 10 original depictions of Trump looking average, minted right here at The Tilted Glass.

At the end we give a little "one of us" clip from Tod Browning's Freaks.


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