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Do the "Hostless Oscars" Prove that Anarchism Works?

Feb 25, 2019

Does the success of the 2019 "No Host" Academy Awards prove that anarchism works? It does according to one anarchist.

“Isn't it obvious?” tweeted Francisca Sousa upon watching how fun and fluid the 2019 Oscars went.  “It was the best show in years.  All because it didn't have a host.  The peoples’ movement must capitalize upon the #nohost movement to advance the cause of #anticaptialism.”

Sousa, quoting Edward Abbey, wrote that “Anarchism is founded on the observation that since few men are wise enough to rule themselves, even fewer are wise enough to rule others."

According to Sousa "Anarchism was the true star of tonight’s Oscars.  All a society needs is that voiceover lady to gently steer the ship.  Just keep in mind the voiceover lady is actually the voice within lady.  This is true democracy: where we vote for the spirit of a winner to represent, not an actual winner to rule.”

In regards to the winners, Sousa was quite upset that Black Panther didn't win Best Everything.  “I know it’s a superhero film, but come on.  This masterpiece represents our anarchist core, even if it did superficially put a warrior king in charge.  We all know it's the Vibranium who's really in charge.  We the keepers of the beat, you know.”

When asked if there was anything about this year's format that she would change, Sousa suggested the venue itself must be discarded.  "It should be on the top of the highest mountaintop.  Or deep within a medicinal jungle.  Who wants to see drunk tuxedos say bravo bravo in a corporate Kodak Theatre?  Represent."

We here at the Tilted Glass look forward to seeing how the Oscars respond to Sousa's changes in 2020.

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