Reality Adjustments

In the Future Machines Will Do All the Work While We Live a Life of Leisure

Feb 28, 2018

How I Yearn for the Machines of the Future to Come!

The steam engine.  The spinning jenny.  The cotton gin.  The telegraph.  The sewing machine!

Bring me your steel and dynamite and vaccines, electrically charged!  I invite you, our coming robotic utopia!

Soon I will not have to plow my fields, for machines hooked to GPS satellite technology will do all the work automatically: from plowing to tending to harvesting to delivering!

Soon I will not have to make my own clothes, for I shall customize my design online and great machines will assemble them on demand out in the Orient and box them into containerized cargo, sail them away upon oil-powered shipment vessels, and import them landward through a great network of trains, drones, and automated driving cars where soon it arrives upon my door in a convenient brown box.  I shall wear a new outfit every day!  Toss the old!

Soon I will not have to saddle up my horse and carriage, leave my countryside estate, and go into town just to hear that new jazz sound, watch a motion picture, or purchase a newly minted novel.  Mechanical torrent bots on The Pirate Bay will bring them to me digitally on demand for free!  And soon there will be no town left to go to!  Nothing but people out here in our houses tending to our mechanical screens.

Machines will even be in charge of repairing other machines!  They’ll know when to order themselves replacement parts and know when to take themselves to other machines to fix themselves.  All via a learned hive intelligence to make self-empowered decisions.

I will not have to write a letter to my love ones, nor telegraph it, nor email it, nor send it through my pocket communication devices.  Machines will be able to read my thoughts and coordinate my needs for me!

What more could a boy ask for?

As the machines do all the work for us, human toil will become a thing of the past.  Soon there will be no jobs!  Goodbye you 40-Hour work week!  Hello to a society that shares in the social wealth of our machines' great productive output.

We shall live a life of leisure to pursue the arts, sport, spirituality, and time with friends and families.

Oh, machines!  Come hither!

The Tilted Glass