Reality Adjustments

The 97% Hater Manifesto

Aug 25, 2018

I see you trying to make the world a better place
And I feel hate inside

I see you wanting to help those less fortunate
And I insult your naive innocence

I see you trying to save the whales, the dolphins, the oceans
And I angrily label you a bleeding heart out of touch with reality

I see you say something good about someone else
And I cut it down to “intelligently represent both sides”

I see you take the lead
And I sit back, fold my arms, and judge you

I see a black man take a kneel
And I say let them come and try to take my guns

I see a white girl take a kneel
And I call her a privileged foolish hipster

I see you choose softness
And I call you a cuck snowflake

I hear the words “Rosie O’Donnell”
And a hornets nest gets kicked inside of me

I hear you claim the system of student loans, high rents, and rising health care costs is unfair
And I call you a financial loser

I hear information that doesn’t match my emotions or beliefs
And I will call it fake news

I am 97% hater
And the other 3%?

I’m a compassionate family person. A person with a core of unshakeable values different than yours, which I hold dear. That 3% of me is 100% of me. Just reverse the values and you’re the 97% hater, hater. It's the energy in how we react to the opposite that makes us the hater. You and I are two sides of the same coin.  We are the same superposition snapped into opposite states.

I see your finger pointing at me
And I point it back at you

The Tilted Glass