Reality Adjustments

Calling For A New Black Friday - Turn Off Your Lights, Go Dark

Nov 23, 2018

It’s Black Friday, folks.  The US-born tradition of holiday sale consumerism that began the day after Thanksgiving.  Black Friday is now so popular that it has spread around the world, even to countries where there is no Thanksgiving.  Outside the US, companies promote Black Friday, Black Week, and even Black Month sales.

Today we call for a new Black Friday tradition.  Let it be: May Black Friday serve as a "dark" reminder.  A time to take responsibility over our lives and look deeply into the modern habits which change and so often plague us.  

When Prometheus stole fire from the gods, he altered the lives of humans permanently.  While we gained the ability to light up the night, we lost our ability to perceive the dark, our dreams, our magical space.

Then our bio rhythms changed.  Our sleep habits.  Our work habits.  No longer do we rise and set with the sun, for we can always turn the light on.  Without darkness, we forget out ability to reconnect and enter the quiet nature of our mystical silence.

If humanity's death march keeps rolling blindly (excuse the pun) forward, we will soon have no darkness.  Darkness is an endangered species.  Recently China announced it will test sending an artificial moon into space, making it so there is always reflected sunlight, never dark, in the name of totalitarian control saving on electricity costs and reducing crime.

So today we call for a new Black Friday.  Today we reverse this spell.  We reverse our march into that out-of-control-and-yet-unnamed-catastrophic event.  

We shut off the lights.

We shut off the electricity.

We shut off the power.

We keep Friday black.  

And we appreciate the irony.  The very photo and computer you are using now to read this article… it’s time to shut that off too.  

We’re shutting off ours right now, after we click save.

Let us go outside.  Enjoy the day... and then also, we shall enjoy the night.

The Tilted Glass