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Take Our Sexy Peach Quiz to Discover Your Romantic Personality

Aug 09, 2018

We built this juicy quiz for you at great expense.

For real: Think of all the labor it took to make this.  To code this tool.  To find the perfect images.  To study the yearning desires of your tantric being and reflect it back through the moist fructose of a dripping peach... that juicy fuzzy crisp soft and wholly divine peach.

Now you too can play.  Answer the following questions and we will show you the mirror.  


The Sexy Peach Quiz

What Does this Remind You of?
A Peach
A Shapely Derriere
A Spanked Ass
Donald Trump
What Does this Remind You of?
Some Peaches
Voyeuristic Threesome
The Electricity That Extends Between the Gaps in a Lover's Touch
What Does this Remind You of?
Diagram of a Peach
Tips for Enhanced Tantric Pleasure
List of Safe Words
What Does this Remind You of?
Delectable Caresses
Water Sports
Zorig the Magnificent
Peaches Underwater
What Does this Remind You of?
Last Weekend's Gang Bang at Jake's House
Wheel of Fortune
Cupid's Wild Arrows
4.5 Peaches
What Does this Remind You of?
Cow Bell
Being Held by Unconditional Love
A Woman Holding a Peach
Slave's Reward
What Does this Remind You of?
Slurpy Creamy Delights
You Don't Even Want to Know...


You are a true romantic. You appreciate style, grace, foreplay, and charm. You love with all your heart.


You can count precisely the number of times you've made love. You talley it up in a spreadsheet and then rank each type of sexual act via a multidimensional pivot table.


You ask for a safe word before you bite that peach, you naughty thing. Because one can only enjoy sweetness if there is first a bite. Meow.


You are not human. You are an Arcturian alien visiting the planet Earth for your next 7,000 lifetimes. Welcome, starseed. Please save this human race from ourselves.

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If your peach matches theirs, you are romantically compatible and ought to try each other's fructose.
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