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Top 15 Most Sexy Skeletons & 1 Ugly One

Oct 19, 2018

Our team of Orthopaedic judges have put together the top 15 most sexy sexiest skeletons for your enjoyment.  

And also the world's ugliest one.  

Behold now these amazing beauties guaranteed to tickle your sexy bone.

Sexy Number 15: relaxed, clean, confident - what's not to like?

Sexy Number 14: perfect bone structure + a killer smile

Sexy Number 13: a scientific representation of mouth watering perfection

Sexy Number 12: sexy is only 10% physical, a lot of it has to do with mystery and intrigue

Sexy Number 11: sometimes a chest is so beautiful on its own - along with decorative jewelry of course

Sexy Number 10: a good listener is quite titillating

Sexy Number 9: aching with passion after a hard day of reading books

Sexy Number 8: here intelligence and natural good looks make up for bad posture

Sexy Number 7: sometimes I feel like you can see right into me

Sexy Number 6: a protector, a provider, stepping out of Plato's cave and into the light... mmm

Sexy Number 5: happiness is contagious... and also very attractive

Sexy Number 4: ahoy there, delicious!

Sexy Number 3: whatcha thinking about?  the human trapped inside your chest?

World's Ugliest Skeletons: Ugh!  Terrible!  Look at all that fat and muscle and sinews surrounding your perfect bones.  How dare you show that in public!  Put that away!

Sexy Number 2: the graceful charm of royalty 

Sexy Number 1: the ruler of them all, preparing for your day of the dead

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