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Where Do Trillions of Registered Voters Get Real News?

Oct 13, 2018

Duh.  As if you had to ask?  Right here.  The Tilted Glass.

So please click our ads & send us money.  If you don’t, trillions of registered voters will not have access to the Truth.

& if that happens, democracy will go TILT like a pinball machine.  We hate tilt here at The Tilted Glass.

Believe me.  Everything else out there is garbage.  Believe me what I tell you: This is your sanctuary.

I mean: You know how much time we spend making the best quality horse s#*t out there?

So join the winning horse!  Go door to door right now and get all your neighbors without computers to follow all of our social media accounts and then join our email list.

It’s tough making a ripple in the media these days, especially for trillion-airs like us who don’t have access to lots of money.

Yet it is beneath us to ask you to right now take a second and share our content with friends.  It is beneath us to say “Hey, if our work has ever touched you in some way, share your favorite posts that we made.  Tag us.  Sincerely ask your friends to follow our work.”

We’d never do that.  It is beneath us.

Just imagine: Once we get huge, like really huge, imagine the potential!  We're talking the ability to put a McDonald's in the White House!  The ability to send Exxon into Space!

But whatever, we have a quadrillion registered voters who view our stuff every day.  And all these voters basically are like Russian bots.  They’ll just vote for whatever we want.  If you've ever controlled an army of Russian bots you know how fun it is to get drunk on such power.

See the horse photo?  Do you want our quintillion bots to vote for Hodge?  If yes (the answer is yes) then rally behind your favorite Real News source and hit the phone banks to ask all grandparents over the age of 90 to follow us on social media.


Transmission ended.

PS: We love you, even if no one else does.  But everyone else does. Cuz you're perfect just the way you are.

The Tilted Glass