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Gay CERN Scientists Discover New Sexual Category

It happened during pride month.  At the Skoliosexual Laboratories outside of CERN, agender ally Roman Smith was researching the cause of different sexual, romantic & spiritual attractions.

Their team of transgender pansexual physicists and demisexual-demiromantic lipstick lesbian botanists were researching the bicurious patterns within cisnormativity, when they found a new...

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Male Georgia Lawmakers Getting Rich on Coat Hanger Stock

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - Stock prices in the state's coat hanger industry are surging this week, which—curiously—Georgia's male Republican lawmakers are heavily invested in.

“It’s no surprise,” said Governor Brian Kemp, gleaming with newfound wealth.  “We have laws which have defined women as state property.  And in The Peach State we force...

Couple Sells House to Pay for Wedding

DUBLIN, OH - Emma & Harry Vicksmith have been planning their wedding for almost a year now.

“We are very much in love,” said Harry.  “But have you seen how expensive everything gets?  Vendors hear 'wedding' and suddenly everything triples.  $2000 for a bin of Coca Cola?  Who can afford this?!"

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