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New “Yoga for Influencers” Provides Stylist & Instagram Photos During Class

May 09, 2019

GLENDALE, CA - Have you heard of the new “Yoga for Influencers” trend? 

Starting at $450 a month, this new yoga style teaches “the ancient lineage of Ashtanga yoga with a social twist.”  It is designed to “both maximize your liberation, while also attracting followers on social media.”

Each class provides the yoga practitioner a class photographer who will automatically update your Instagram during your most elegant poses.  Additionally, a hair and makeup touch-up artist will move through the room to “maintain outer beauty as you focus on inner beauty.”

Offering both “hot yoga” and “really hot yoga,” the trend has become wildly popular across Los Angeles.

The concept was started by Ms. Gaia Rodeo, owner of the Strike a Pose studio based inside the Glendale Americana.  We asked Ms. Gaia Rodeo where she got the inspiration.

“It was kind of organic,” she said.  “One day I realized that several of my students had been paying personal photographers and stylists to document their flexibility during class.  There were so many photographers that we started running out of space to do yoga. So I thought, ‘Hey, when not provide this service for all my students?’ That’s when I went to India to train in the ancient art of social media yoga.  The economic upside has been quite enlightening.”

Indeed.  Competition is fierce in today’s yoga world.  There are all kinds of ancient yoga lineages to choose from, including “Pole Dancer Yoga” out of Rishikesh, and “Yoga for Drunks” based in Goa.  In today's world you must offer a leg up up on the competition.

We wish Strike a Pose and all the other “Yoga for Influencers” studios well in today’s competitive atmosphere.  Be sure to tag The Tilted Glass your best moves!  Who knows?  You can be featured here:

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