Reality Adjustments

NRA Tweets After Texas with Hashtag #RoyalWedding

May 19, 2018

The tweet reads:

Who's watching the #RoyalWedding today? It's very exciting. Nothing much happening elsewhere. Or in the States or in Texas. Thank you Jesus we can watch the wedding today! Have you seen the guns the palace guards use? SA80s! Support Britain's #SecondAmmendment #NRA

The wedding promises to be a magical time for the royal couple.

And such magic.  After all, magic uses misdirection, a form of deception in which the attention of an audience is focused on one thing in order to distract its attention from another. Managing the audience's attention is the aim of all theater; it is the foremost requirement of theatrical magic. Whether the magic is of a "pocket trick" variety, or, a large stage production, misdirection is the central secret of all magic.

We wish the Royal Couple well.  Thank you NRA for the reminder!  Excited to see all the new pictures.

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