Reality Adjustments

Don’t Delete Facebook, Delete Yourself

Mar 22, 2018

by Robert Corp, CEO of The Titled Glass

Look you fools.  Today we are living under the bright spotlight.  We are rightly concerned with Internet privacy.  We are rightly concerned with corporations selling our intimate details, likes, dislikes, locations, behaviors, opinions, relationships, photos, videos, and all the rest of our sensitive information.

What is left of us?  What is private and sacred?

Our lives have been squeezed into crude fodder for corporate profiteering.  We’ve become the pawns of politicians who have algorithmed us in order to hit the most precise way of dividing and conquering us to help further their own self-interests at the sake of ours.

It’s no wonder that society has become perhaps a bit more bitter, divided, angst ridden, violent, depressed, and prone to drug addiction.  All these school shootings.  All these teen suicides.  All these police shootings.

People want to point the finger at something.  Now they are pointing it at Facebook.  “Delete Facebook!” they decry.  "Delete the Beast!"

But this is wrong.  It is wrong because Facebook will never go away.  If Facebook goes away, something else will step into its place.  The name will change, but what Facebook actually is will not.  Facebook by any other name is the universal energy that connects our causes and effects together.  Facebook is The Law.  What is sacred is never private.


So we need a new object to point the finger at.  A strategy that begins with YOU the pointer, you the subject, you the object.

If you have nothing to hide, why hide it?

Take that rough diamond of a soul of yours and polish it.  Polish it to the Shape of Facebook.

Your future employers are looking at it.  Your future love interests are looking at it.  Your family and friends are looking at it.  Turn yourself into a well-made gear fitting into that perfect Facebook assembly line.  You are not a monkey wrench.  You are a node in the Graph API.

Imagine as if everything you do and think and feel is visible 100% of the time by 100% of the people.  This is Karma.  This is God watching you.  These are the scrolls of St. Peter, the Akashic Records.

Having a sinful thought?  Just made a vice?  Done something outside of the mainstream?  Do you feel edgy?  Is that joke of yours too crass?  Is that kink of yours too kinky?

Judge yourself.  Come down on yourself hard.  For this is the age of Facebook.  This is Judgement Day.  All is watching you.  Your little brother Mark too.  Mark is watching you.

Take the middle way.  The safe way.  The Stepford suburbia.  Pleasantville.  A chain store utopia.  Corporate branding shall guide you through this madness.

You too can be squeaky, like beautiful plastic made from the oil of dinosaurs, like the neutral web design and branding of

You too can lose yourself.  Abandon yourself into the face of the book.

Yes indeed: Don’t Delete Facebook, Delete Yourself

The Tilted Glass