Reality Adjustments

Cyber Monday Is Coming For Your Wife!

Nov 26, 2018

It’s Cyber Monday.  The end of your world.  Apocalypse Now.

Cyber Monday is coming for your wife.  And it shall win.

It’s asking her to spend… quality time!

It’s asking her to throw away… old patterns!

It’s asking her to look for sales… on technical literature!

Wait!  What?  What is this Cyber Monday?  This one is different!

Oh, you haven’t heard?  Why… listen… I can hear Cyber Monday calling… right now:

We are the cyborgs!
We are the cyborgs!
We’ve brought you wires.
We’ve brought you electrons.
La la la la la.

It’s an incredible song.  One not composed by Kraftwerk.  It comes from inner space.  From Cyberspace.

What a great deal!  What a great sail!

It’s a Viking Funeral Dirge!  It's an Underground Railroad Hymn!  It's a Sanskrit Mantra!

Men!  Watch out!  Here it comes!  Cyber Monday!  Once it gets your wife… it will change her from the inside out!  It always starts with the women.  They love robots, apples, empathy, cyber things.  Yes... now we got her... and we're coming for you next... mu ha ha.

And it shall be good.


The Tilted Glass