Reality Adjustments

Man Sits Alone in Cafe Every Day Without Phone and Just Stares

Jun 02, 2018

He’s not on Facebook.  He doesn’t have a cell phone.  He doesn’t look at a newspaper or scribble in a journal.

He orders coffee, sits down, folds his hands, and looks outside the window.  He blinks gently.

What's going on in mind?  Is it a tormented tornado of doom?

He’s dressed modestly.  No tattered clothes.  No strange odors.

Is there something wrong with him?  He just looks… but for hours.  Will he kill us all one day?

Imagine two to three hours of sitting at a table, drinking that cup of coffee, and looking straight ahead.  He doesn’t say anything to anyone.  He will politely return eye contact if you dare make it with him.  He makes no sudden motions.

Is there something wrong with me?

Is he the quiet revolution we were waiting for?  This silent man will not be silenced!  This man will bring down the industrial military state!

But he’s so odd.  He makes me pause and reflect.

Am I too caught up in The System to enact the kinds of change I wish to see in the world?  In spite of all my trainings in the arts of body, mind, and soul, am I just another victim of the bitzobytesoblitzkrieg steamroller?

What’s he doing?  What’s going on in there?  Do you know?

The Tilted Glass