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Brave Woman Shares Sexy Yoga Selfies to Reject Mainstream Beauty Standards

May 17, 2018

Joanne Morley is proving the haters wrong.

Today Joanne shared a photo of herself in a back-bending yoga pose on the beach.  On her instagram profile she writes: “Here in my bikini to prove the human form is nothing to be ashamed of.  We are all made differently.  For years I hid my insecurities.  I’ve been ashamed of my ‘faults.’  I shall be fault-shamed no longer.  I present to you the messy sides of myself for all the world, hopefully, to see.  All of me, my warts, pimps, wrinkles, hair, and stretch marks all.  Please follow.”

The reaction across social media was unanimous. Her friends, collectively known to themselves as “The Goddesses,” completely agreed and commented on her profile: “You are brave, moon sister 👙  “Humble warrior 💃🏿!” “Good medicine ” “Beautiful words and intention 🙏🏼

In these modern social media times—where one can earn a living, attract romantic partners, and gain fans simply by taking beautiful photos of yourself looking perfect according to the mold of mainstream beauty machinery—here for once we have Joanne telling it like it is.  A woman bold enough to show the real side of herself.  Not the photoshopped, staged, fake side.  

"To all the haters 🖕🏿," she added.  "And props to Glossier for showing plus-sized models in their ads.  What a brave campaign."

That's why she will not hide her blemishes like society wants her to do.  She will put them on show to make you face your own negative energy.  She will not be embarrassed for "having an imperfect yoga pose, after all, as I learned in my 200-hour Costa Rican teacher training, Ashtanga yoga was originally designed for young men, not women.  Time for women to reclaim the lineage."

She even has composed a long post about how "although I rarely share my spiritual side, today I am compelled to not hide it.  I will speak out.  I must.  Society pressures all of us into always being happy online.  Well dammit this week was difficult.  Last year too.  Freakin' Trump.  Don't pressure me into always being happy.  I shall not be difficult-shamed for having issues and problems. The real question is: Why do you keep attacking me, haters?"

So that’s why she just took this candid photo casually on the beach, even today on a bad hair day while feeling a bit sluggish and down, for it is her yoga that grounds her, even as the waves come crashing down around her.

Break those unrealistic beauty standards.  #KeepIt100.

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