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Haters Get Triggered No Matter What I Post!

Sep 19, 2018

Some of you click on my posts and hate me for the things I share.

One of you clicked this link because you felt hate inside when you saw my name.  Wow.  I can't do right at all!

Perhaps this hater was fascinated at the way they hated me, and just want more of it.  To study why I'm so terrible.  To diagnose me.

Even when I posts photos of cute hedgehogs and zebras in love:

You feel hate.  You say “O, look at so and so posting again.  What a piece of s**t you are.  How about posting about the real issues of the world, not this low class class 'cute animal' content for the masses.”

Jeez.  Or even if I post funny photos of me blow drying my hair or just enjoying an ice tea.  

Some kind of voice inside of you jumps out and screams “What a vain piece of s**t !  You’re just using your youthful sex appeal as a way to get attention.  And not in a classy way.  You are acting like a vain young goddess, not a mature grandmother goddess.”

Wow.  I’m not sure how to respond to that.  I'm not a grandmother.  I'm not even a mother.  I just thought my tangled hair was funny in the moment with my friends.  I didn’t realize the power of my goddess over you.

But even when it’s not about me.  Even if I post photos of my favorite president doing cool magic tricks, you get mad.  You say “How can you like his magic when he sleeps with all the assistants?”

Ever hear of fake news, folks!  But magic is magic, right?  I can’t do that nose trick.  Can you?  Trump can!  This real photo proves it!

This may start to make less and less sense.  And that's ok.  That's how I feel.  Because even if I post photos of my boyfriend hunting our Thanksgiving turkey, I always get the replies “He's not a real hunter.  How could you love this man?  Anyway you should be eating a 100% red meat no salt diet.  You suck!”

I’m a really nice person.  I behave with decency.  I'm starting to think you're just pissed that I think my life is great.  You think I'm ignorant for not seeing how terrible and contradictory I am.  Wow.

Have you ever read the The 97% Hater Manifesto.  Well, I did.  It speaks to me, ok?

I guess the lesson here is to just be myself.  And let me do me!  Because no matter what I do people are going to hate me.  

It's sad, but I get it.  You don’t get me.  So you hate me.  

Well peace and love, ok?  Keep that peace and love as we burn through the last of the tangled knots in our hairs.

The Tilted Glass