Reality Adjustments

Our Top 10 Fresh & Inspiring Ideas to Bring You Joy

Apr 05, 2019

Today we wrote a little pick me up.  Something to help you feel good.

At The Tilted Glass, we speciate in reality adjustment, by any means possible, especially through humor.  

But today I woke up wanting a touch of something sweet and tender.  A more straight forward approach.  I asked myself what has worked for me over the years to bring me joy?  And in writing this, I felt more joy.

Ready?  Let's do this together.

1) Get out of your comfort zone

Do something different that might feel hard.  Anything.  It doesn’t matter.  Doing anything will shift what is stuck and ripple out into other “unrelated” areas of your life.

2) You’re beautiful

How many times have I looked at old photographs and thought: wow, if I only knew back then how attractive I was.  You are beautiful... right now.  So better learn to get used to it, beautiful.

3) Make eye contact, smile

It is an art.  A lifestyle.  Something most people forget to do.  A secret club.  Connect - bing.  Antennae on - bing.  Look, smile, be responsible for the energy you transmit.  Life will change.  Eye contact and smiling is a way of life.

4) Drink water when you wake up

At night, your body repairs itself and casts out toxins.  When you wake up, drink water on an empty stomach to flush out the harmful toxins.  It purifies the body.  Add lemon and apple cider vinegar to really get in there.  Try it for a month… you’ll see a difference.

5) Treat others as equals

See their power.  See their spark.  See their hopes and dreams.  They have it, just like you have it.  See them as you see yourself.

6) Spend time in nature

Refresh.  Renew.  Reground.  Reinvigorate.  Repeat.  

7) Become a master at your talent stack

Most people dabble in many skills.  So what are your core talents?  How do these core fuse together to make a synergy that is uniquely you?  Now, master the fusion of this core talent stack.  You can always find a kung fu master.  And you can always find a stilt walking master.  But I’ve never seen a kung fu stilts master.  This is the talent stack.  This is what will make you unique and make your voice stand out.  Master your talent stack.  Be productive and purposeful.

8) Learn to love failure

Failure means you are trying.  If you never try, you will be stuck.  Failure is an indicator that you are experimenting and growing.  Without new failure, you cannot have new success.

9) Nothing Really Matters

Let go.  No grudges.  No fear.  No one really cares.  Everyone will judge you anyway.  You won’t and don’t have to be liked by everyone.  And whatever you do, be mindful how is it affecting your heart.  Break free.

10) Care about others

Care about people fighting for equality and rights.  Care about people whose interests are not merely financial.  Care about people battling for things you don’t quite understand, but you can see it is important to them.  Care about people whose actions speak louder than words.  Care, and we create a life of harmony, not division.

The Tilted Glass