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Spiritual Life Coach: Fate is Showing You This Ad

Feb 21, 2018

Hello, Blessed Loved Ones!

My name is Kali Diamante.  I am a published author, celebrity influencer, and spiritual life coach.

I am so humbled at the rebranding I’ve been doing.  Every day my fans grow.  Every day our movement grows. 

Would you like to learn the ancient secrets that my spiritual coaching clients use to make 6-figures and raise the vibration of this planet?  

Would you like to be a sexy influencer who uses the power of erotic promise to drive personal financial abundance?

The Universe has your back.  It is through the Universe that my keywords have landed upon you now.  It is by Universal Fate that you’ve “stumbled” upon this “random” Facebook ad to read this personal message written just for you.  Sensitive people take note!

And my what a coincidence!  You were thinking just the other day how you wanted take your business to the next level.   This is why I’ve targeted this ad to overlap 3 key areas: people interested in lightworking, people with recent financial searches, and owners of Apple products.  I’ve also excluded people who like Donald Trump or Fox News.  This is Destiny in Action, which you will learn, for I will teach you.

Once upon a time I worked in Wall Street.  I was promoted quickly at a very young age, recognized as a genius in my field.  I was being groomed to join the elites of upper management.  But I grew weary of such low-vibration work.  I hated having to go to an office and report to a boss.  And even with all that money all around me, I still did not crack the secret of true financial abundance.  I was just a hamster spinning in a gold-plated wheel.  

Where was my passive income?  Where was my free time?  How could I make money just by being inspirational?

And like a bolt of lightning I discovered the key solution.  I FELT it.  The KEY was within me already.  For the KEY is already within you.  

I offer now my discovery of manifesting a 6-figure business just by following the truth of your bliss in 5 easy steps.

I wrote an introductory book about it.  I’ve even published it myself through Amazon.  I am now offering it for FREE just by taking 15 seconds to fill out a small contact form.  That's what we call great ROI.

As my fame began to grow, the number of my followers too has grown.  I’ve paid bloggers in my niche to write articles about me, link back to me, and in turn raise my credibility and SEO.  My Twitter is full of thousands of bot followers, yet not enough to be suspicious.  I’ve spent over $20,000 to acquire paid Facebook fans. And my Instagram has been running a like/follow/unfollow Chrome plugin for years.  

I am so humbled to say that by the appearance of such numbers alone, I am officially a MAJOR influencer!  This is OUR movement in action!  I’m so blessed to be one of its humble torch bearers.  And you can too.

It is time for intelligent and powerful lightworkers such as yourself to play BIG to help shift humanity’s consciousness.  We have much to do in so little time.  Do not wait any longer.   Are you ready to play BIG?  

You must be tired of THE SYSTEM fooling someone as gifted as you.  An intelligent and special lightworker such as yourself raised with such privilege must be tired of working so hard to make only a middling 5-figure income.  

That’s why, today only at a discounted rate of $15,000, I offer you 1 free phone call with me and unlimited direct access to my exclusive vault of YouTube videos.  It is here that I share my deepest life coach strategies.  It is here where you will connect with others just like you.  You will become part of an exclusive VIP club, networking with other powerful lightworkers like you who are also ready to play BIG by spending BIG.  

Even better: No contract needs to be signed!  I won’t trouble you with the hassle of paper contracts that carry the low vibrations of Wall Street legal-speak.  It's just me and you and the divine contract of our Word.

For an additional 10% monthly tithing of your income, I *might* offer you The Path to 7-and-8-figure incomes.  But that is only for the VIP elites who have proven themselves with me over time that they have what it takes to succeed.

Have any doubts?  Well don’t take my word on it, silly!  View the video testimonials I’ve posted about how transformative my services are.  One day you too will make a testimonial about how great our movement is.  I will post it online to my following of bots and paid likes, which in turn will drive revenue and presence for me, which in turn will drive revenue and presence back to you.  Your Testimonial About Me = More Traffic to You!

This is better than paying a personal life coach $50 to $150 an hour per week to meet with you one-on-one, analyze the hard facts of your financial data, give you personalized goals, hold you accountable, and inspire you to be better.  This is better because that is a cheap thing.  And they do not use divine branding.  They play small.  We play BIG and use the MANIFESTING ABUNDANT POWER OF HOLISTIC MARKETING BOTS TO CONNECT WITH A NETWORK OF PEOPLE READY TO SPEND LIKE YOU.  

Soon you too will find clients just like you ready to pay you to be their life coach.

But our movement is not about me.  Nor is it about you.  Our movement is not about the great and highly misunderstood Charles Ponzi.  It is about the ancient divine pyramid structure that the Egyptian, Mayan, and Atlantan architects knew about.  So I thank her goddess for the triangular shape of her yoni and for the dazzling words she now channels me to use to lower your EGO’S mighty defenses just enough to entice your HEART to join now.  NOW!

What if?  Just what if?  

If you want tomorrow to look like yesterday, then continue along your small unchanging path.  But if you want tomorrow to look like my fantasy story, then take a leap of faith for this ad will not be shown in vain.

How to begin?  Start by liking and sharing this post.  If you do not like and share, nor give me $15,000, then you are turning your back on the signs of the Universe.   Do you want to ignore God’s road signs?  I don’t think so!  Otherwise you will smack your car into life’s sharp turns and have a terrible accident.  

Step now into the character you wish to be.  Try out your new voice.  Sing out for our movement!  Share and comment using your new voice right now… or else. 

Peace and love.

Kali Diamante

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