Reality Adjustments

Breaking News: I’ve Deluded Myself In My Grand Potential

Dec 10, 2018

Today I am heroic.

My potential is calling.

Many have shined before me.  They’ve had their day.  I too shall have mine.  The world will finally see me and my gift.

I hold a great but largely unrecognized talent.  I reveal what people have been craving to hear.

I sing of our times with breaking falsetto.  From the mountaintops to the factory floor.

O sweet delusion, lift me today.  I ask, and here you come.  Now I feel I can fly.

Many try and tear me down.  They diagnose this as some delusion of grandeur. Some schizophrenic spinout.  Here, in my own bright spotlight, there’s only one judge in this room.

O sweet delusion, you’ve just spun out.  Can nothing break me?  No overdue rent check, no reality check, no damning humility, no turn of the clown?

A little money goes a long way.  So much gold in the hands of the rulers of this world.

I touch that golden sky.  I lift myself by my daily affirmations.  Now I am Icarus flying on waxing poetic.

I lift you all to my bittersweet condition.  

Except… flying with our feet on this tightrope.  Learned enough to walk this line blindfolded now, balancing the real and the un—, unlost in another grand spinout.

So let’s get ‘em.  I see us flying together.  We can get married.  We can be president.  In fact, we already are president.  We shall flip that old script and change the world.

For now I’ve deluded ourselves in our grand potential.

The Tilted Glass