Reality Adjustments

Man Fishing For Likes Doesn’t Give a F*$K What You Think

Jul 10, 2019

Houston native Rafael Spitzer posted today that he doesn't “give a flying f*$k what you think.  Your opinion is not my reality.”

He then asked his fans to “please like my lazy bed photo, even though my hair is super ugly and my jawbone is so gross #lol #sleepy.”

With hashtags #dgaf and #hatersgonnahate, Rafael copy and pasted an inspiring quote by Albert Einstein saying that “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

He then asked his fans to post in the comments below "which of my fingers is the sexiest: my thumb, index, middle fu, ringo or pinkie.

So like, share, follow and comment below #idgaf 🖕✌️"

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