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Our 5+ Things To Not Say in Your Job Interview

Jul 13, 2018

We hired offshore writers from a Chinese factory to craft this article on how to get that American Dream job.

We here at The Tilted Glass hope you and your coworkers enjoy.

1) Do not mention religion, politicians, money, or sex

It’s important to be yourself, at the same time, don’t share the things that make you who you are.  Block all such important aspects of the essential human condition, you know, the kind written about in ancient Greek poems such as the Odyssey or Iliad.

2) Do not mention that you want to be paid well for your skills.

Just be happy you have a job. No one wants to hear your salary needs or opinions of self-worth.

3) Do not request regular hours with a work/life balance..

Now is the time to demonstrate you will do whatever it takes to help the firm and earn your middling salary. You should be available 24/7 for urgent emails due to crazy clients or your boss’s lack of scheduling skills. 

4) Don’t mention family.

Related to the above, no one wants to hear you have outside people.  Work is your new spouse.  Your projects are your new children.

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