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Our 5+ Things To Not Say in Your Job Interview

Jul 13, 2018

5) Ignore your need for an ergonomic and non-toxic work environment.

It’s hard enough running a business. What’s a little hunchback or asbestos?  Don’t believe the Fake News that wants to force you to live a politically correct anti-business life.  You don't need no stinking safety harness or gas mask.

6) Leave the door open to sleeping with your boss.

Don’t explicitly say no.  Just keep it a mystery.  Be sensitive to your boss’s need to have a little something on the side after a hard day.  What's the big deal, comrade?  Life is short.

7) Don’t mention that you often wonder late at night if the system is failing us all.

As you get older, you feel more and more as if the system is designed to keep you down. That life is less a meritocracy but a kleptocracy dominated by cronyism.  That The Man wants to keep you down. How come you work hard but still make peanuts compared to what the upper 1% gets?  That upper 1% begin already high-up.  They don't need to ask HR for permission to have a damn vacation day or run an errand in the afternoon .  My gosh… is politics just a bunch of noise to prevent the masses from rising up and rebalancing gross inequities?

8) Do Mention how much you like your home sports team over a good time at happy hour. But don't go overboard by... actually… there is no overboard here.

Sports and happy hour is the common ground for all. Seriously.  Participate. Learn to love it.  Organize events. What's not to like about great athletes experiencing mastery in their domains?  This is a safe place to shine. Don’t take mention punk rock or independent contemporary art gallery showcasing the latest trans identity sculptures hosted by the fabulous Lady Tonya herself.  Keep to the Golden State Warriors and the Patriots.

With these tips you are bound to be successful. Bound to be successful. 

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