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Donald Trump to Wrestle Women

Dec 31, 2017

Donald Trump is taking his words to the wrestling ring!

Donald Trump, president of the United States of America and self-proclaimed "Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion of the World,” offered a both $1,000 prize and lifetime supply of Trump Steaks to any woman who could pin him down.

“You women need to stay in the kitchen, stay in the bedroom, and stop accusing good men of bad things.  Unfair!  So fix your crooked hair and buy some Tic Tacs.  I’m here to restore the natural order of this country!   I’m here to make America great again!”

He immediately challenged Rosie O'Donnell and offered #DropkickTrump as a means for any woman who wishes to wrestle him.

Think you can take Trump?  Just share #DropkickTrump and Trump’s social media officers will reach out to you.  If you are a woman and are at least “a 9 or 10,” representatives will contact you with further details.

And then "The World's Greatest Steaks" could be yours:

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