Reality Adjustments

White Guy Told to Go to the Back of Taco Truck Line

Mar 19, 2019

A white man walked to the front of the taco truck line and ordered 3 tacos, medium spicy.

“Sorry, you can’t cut.  You need to stand in line,” said New Hampshire Taco Truck owner Mario Felipe Gonzalez Perez as he pointed to the long line of mostly Mexican families in the mostly Mexican neighborhood.

“Ah lo siento!” said the white man.  “I didn’t realize.  My bad.”

Then the white man stood at the back of the line and listened to the wind in his heart.  The laugher in the breeze.  How the sounds seemed to resonate from the rhythmic beating of the frying pan, like a drumbeat.

The white onions, yellow corn, brown meat, green cilantro and red salsa.

These are the days, amigos.  These are the days.

A young señorita walked up to the line and stood behind him at the end.  He blushed as she said hola.  Her words sounded like a song.

And now the only truth he seemed to know anymore were these tacos.

Tacos are coming after such a long line.  As if the line is a part of its flavor, enhancing its deliciousness, making it all the more satisfying because he had to work and wait for it.

These are the days, amigos.  Stand here strong.  These are the days in this taco truck line.

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