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[Insert This Year] Sucked! I’m so ready for [Insert Next Year]!

Dec 31, 2018

In what’s become a New Year’s Eve tradition, Mark Baker celebrates his 10th year of re-posting how much this year sucked, and how much he's ready for next year to be different.

“Man there’s so much hate in the world this year,” said Mr. Baker, a Los Angeles digital marketing specialist.  “I can’t wait for [Insert This Year] to be over!!  With all the insane problems and the lies and the freakin’ politicians not doing anything of substance.  It’s been really hard on me personally.  [Insert Significant Other] and I have had issues.  My [Insert Beloved] died.  Money is so tight.  Is it [Insert Next Year] yet?”

Mr. Baker now celebrates his 10 year of posting the same post!  What a milestone.  What incredible dedication to the art of repetition.  Here’s a look back at some of Mark’s highlights over the years:

  • New Year’s Eve - 10 years ago: “Wow.  [Insert This Year].  Just wow.  Can [Insert Next Year] start early??”
  • New Year’s Eve - 6 years ago: “Wow, [Insert This Year] is officially the worst on record.  I’m so ready for my hopes and dreams to finally start paying off next year.  Here’s to [Insert Next Year] everybody!  I love you!”
  • New Year’s Eve - 3 years ago: “[Insert This Year] enough said 😩.  [Insert Next Year] 🙏
  • New Year’s Eve - Last year: “The best part of [Insert This Year] is it being almost over! Seriously, will this f’in year just end already?!”

We wish Mark and all our readers here at The Tilted Glass a great [Insert Next Year]!  Happy New Year!

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