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Fact Check: Did The Bachelorette Choose Garrett Because QAnon?

Aug 07, 2018

In the season finale, 'The Bachelorette' Becca Kufrin chose Garrett Yrigoyen over Blake Horstmann.

It was a heartbreaking decision, but was it because: QAnon?

The Tilted Glass separates the truth from the lies in today’s FACT CHECK.

What is QAnon?

In October 2017, an anonymous person by the name "Q" began posting messages on underground message boards. Q claimed to have high-level government security clearance and revealed top-secret clues known as “breadcrumbs.”

According to Q, the world is run by a small criminal group of elite people, including bankers, secret operatives, pedophile rings, and Hillary Clinton death squads.

Trump, Q claims, is working to shut down the conspiracies and will take down the world’s elite--like the Clintons and Barack Obama--and send them to Guantanamo Bay. This future mass arrest is called "The Storm.”

Anytime Trump or the GOP “messes up,” such as Jeff Sessions’s losing the Alabama Senate seat, it is “on purpose" and "part of the plan."

QAnon followers say to “trust the plan” and their slogan is "Where we go one, we go all." 

The end result is that anything a Q supporter likes is part of the plan.  And anything a Q supporter dislikes is part of the plan.  That Trump’s administration is not spiraling out of control, but in fact, it is completely in control over everything.

How Does The Bachelorette Relate to QAnon?

Isn’t it obvious?

Garrett beat Blake, and Blake was the frontrunner, even getting the coveted first impression rose on night one.

So why did Garret win?  QAnon.

Garrett made headlines in May after it was revealed that he liked Instagram posts that mocked transgender people, feminists, immigrants and Parkland shooting survivors.

Therefore: QAnon.

Garrett’s behavior on instagram mirrors Trump’s behavior.  And that means Trump is winning.  And that means The Storm is coming, people.  Isn't it obvious?

Fact Check Result

Yes, 100% true.  The Bachelorette Becca Yrigoyen did choose Garrett Horstmann over Blake Kufrin because QAnon.  

Ooops, I mean, Garrett Kufrin.  Or you know what I mean.  You know.  Because all these names of random celebrities are so hard to keep track of.  Names that are scrambled on purpose!  Trust the plan, right?  Isn’t that what we do?  It’s called the Awakening.  When we slip into the rabbit hole like Alice into this mess of lies.  Slip for good.  And everything I want to be true becomes true.  Because that's the way the world works.  The Qlaw of attraction.  QAnon.

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