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Top 12 Sexiest Flags in the World

Jan 11, 2018

The Tilted Glass brings to you our top 12 sexiest flags in the world.  These flags have been curated for their aesthetic delights and ability to inspire.

We hope you enjoy this Top 12 Countdown.  What is your favorite?

12) Zimbabwe

The stone-carved Zimbabwe Bird on top of the red star is what brings this flag into the top 12.

The mysterious carved birds are from the ruined city of Great Zimbabwe. We don't know exactly what the birds mean.  One suggestion is that each bird was erected for each new king.  Another is that the birds represent sacred totemic animals of the Shona people.

11) Bahrain

The pleasing serrated line creates a beautiful tension between the red and white negative space.  The line once had many more points, and in 1972 was changed to five white triangles to symbolize the 5 pillars of Islam. 

10) Canada

Coming in at number 10 is Canada with its Maple leaf.  A beautiful homage nature and a delight to see.

9) Swaziland

This marvel of black and white composition with its tribal past create this truly special flag.

The central focus is a Nguni shield and two spears, symbolizing protection from the country's enemies. Its colour shows that white and black people can live in peaceful coexistence.

The shield is reinforced by a staff from which hangs injobo tassels-bunches of feathers of the widowbird and the lourie. These feathers are used only by the king.

The red stands for past battles, the blue for peace and stability, and the yellow for the resources of Swaziland.

8) Seychelles

Its eruption of colorful beams from a single source brings Seychelles in at number 8.  Its five bands symbolize a dynamic new country moving into the future.  Blue depicts the sky and the sea that surrounds the country. Yellow is for the sun which gives light and life.  Red is for the people and their determination to work in unity and love.  White is for social justice and harmony. And green depicts the land and natural environment.

7) Albania

Part Rorschach test and fully magnificent, the double-headed eagle was first borrowed from the banner of the Byzantine Empire and used by a number of noble families in Albania.  The Kastrioti family's coat of arms, depicting a black double-headed eagle on a red field, became famous when he led a revolt against the Ottoman Empire resulting in the independence of Albania.

6) Nepal

The world's only non-quadrilateral national flag.  Its archetypal sun, moon, and celestial bodies shaped into the triangles of the Himalaya Mountains takes the breath away.

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