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Teen with Perfect SATs Will Become Influencer After Graduation

Mar 05, 2019

CLEVELAND, OH - Upcoming high school graduate, Emma Lovedale, got a perfect 2400 composite score on her SATs today.

“It just goes to show you can do anything when you put your mind to it,” captioned Emma next a photo of her results.  “#girlstrong”

Emma has been posting photos of herself studying since she was 14-years old, using hashtags such as #universitybound and #studystudystudy.

As fans started following her, she began studying in more exotic places, such as the beach, day spas, an active volcano, and even while riding an elephant at a yoga retreat.  Now almost 18 years old, she’s gained a following of 4.2 million fans on her Instagram account.

“As my favorite teacher once told me,” captioned Emma in a more popular post, featuring her holding a math book on top of a mountain.  “The best #teachers show you where to look, but not where to see.  #universitybound”

Out of the 1.75 million people who take their SATs, only about 500 get a perfect score.  This remarkable feat has opened the doors for Emma to choose any university she wants.  But in a twist of fate, Emma announced to her fans that she will not be going to college to study, and instead will focus on her career as a #studyinfluencer.

“Headed #BackToSchool?” posted Emma with bright red lipstick in a field of vermillion flowers.  “Buy @EmmaLovedaleCosmetics facial cream today.  Guaranteed to remove those distracting pimples so you can focus on your books. #universitybound”

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