Donald Trump Resigns in Latest #MeToo Fallout

Posted on December 12, 2017

Donald Trump has resigned today as a result of the multiple sexual assault allegations.

"I'm sorry that my actions have hurt so many.  I'm sorry for being a bad role model for today's youth."*
Donald Trump (*allegedly)

The latest in the wave of #MeToo casualties, his resignation comes as the latest fallout in a series of high profile resignations.

After dismissing such allegations during his historic funnel hack of the 2016 US presidential elections, he finally came to a breakthrough when he saw a mother with her baby in an adoring crowd.  The baby wore a bib covered in spittle that said Make America Great Again.  As Trump approached the baby to kiss it, he saw a look of fright in her eyes.  A look he'd recognized over 20 times before in the eyes of his accusers.

At that point his whereabouts became unknown, even to the secret service.  Some say he visited the statue of Lincoln.  Others say he was seen visiting a series of taco trucks in southern New Mexico.

When he finally emerged back onto Twitter at 3am, it was with a simple tweet, one of only a handful of characters: #MeeToo.  He then deleted that tweet hours later and followed up with a second tweet: #MeToo.

In a dramatic turn of events, he then fired Vice President Mike Pence and appointed political activist and former Black Panther Angela Davis as his new Vice President.

He then abruptly retired.  On his way out, he left one final tweet: I just made America great again.

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