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Ivanka Used Personal Emails In Attempt To Escape Kidnappers

Nov 20, 2018

Ivanka Trump was caught using personal emails for government purposes today.

At first the situation appeared to be hypocritical.  Her father campaigned on the platform that Hillary Clinton used personal emails for government work—and because of this, Clinton must be locked up.  

But when Ivanka does the exact same thing, it’s: “oh stop being dramatic - Ivanka’s case is different.”

But even this is an illusion.  For the story runs deeper--and darker--than imagined.  An anonymous source leaked us the content of Ivanka’s personal emails.  It’s a disturbing and tragic tale.

January 9, 2017 (Night before Inauguration Day): To her friend, Mika:

"They are coming for me.  I’m so afraid.  They’re even trying to give me a new email to use.  Don’t use it.  It’s not safe."

May 9, 2017: To former FBI director, James Comey: 

"You failed me, you bastard."

September 22, 2017: To Vladimir Putin

"I can’t stand the wait.  You promised you’d get me out of here.  The White House is so white.  The walls in my bedroom are so white I can’t stand it anymore.  All the gold in the world has bought me a cage of six white walls!  How come you haven’t taken over by now like you promised?"

May 1, 2018: To her husband, Jared:

"The crack in your smile is revealing, dear husband.  We must be strong.  We must be patient.  We must believe in Hope, otherwise, is there no escape from reality?"

July 30, 2018: To her mother, Ivana:

Mommy?  Help.

November 20, 2018: To Simply Confess, an anonymous confession website: 

I am kidnapped by the tyranny of my father, a public figure.  My brothers, husband, even my poor step-mother… we are all trapped and beat down by his constant badgering of lies.  I’ve become numb.  We all have.  But the money is good.  And I can’t reveal this to the public eye.  Yet every day I hope for a crack, something to get me out of here, out of the shadows, into the sunlight of my true nature.  God help me.

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We here at The Tilted Glass hold a light for her and pray for this change.

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