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NRA Urges Black Men to Arm Themselves Against Police?

Sep 08, 2018

In 2013, a Rasmussen poll showed that 65% of Americans see the Second Amendment as a safeguard against tyranny.  This means, for 65% of Americans, guns are not just for hunting or preventing crime, guns are to protect against our own government.

The NRA sees gun ownership as protection against a fascist police state.  And today, each year, hundreds of unarmed black men are killed by white police officers.

Therefore, the NRA must be urging black men to arm themselves against police tyranny, right?  The NRA, true to its ideals, would urge African Americans to arm themselves against the government… right?

Wrong.  In the 1960s, blacks also began to carry guns to protect themselves against the police.  This was the rise of the Black Panther Party.  They organized into “well-regulated Militias, being necessary to the security of a free State,” just like the Second Amendment called for.  

But this freaked out White America.  It also freaked out the NRA.  So in 1967 the god of all Republicans, governor Ronald Reagan, signed the Mulford Act that restricted the open carry of guns in California.  Reagan said he saw “no reason why, on the street today, a citizen should be carrying loaded weapons.”  The NRA supported Reagan's decision to restrict guns.

We’ll say it again: The NRA supported gun control in response to blacks carrying guns.  

But that was then.  What about now?  Surely the NRA must have an opinion on Black Lives Matter?  Surely the NRA would create a promotional video with the message “Black people - take up arms!  Fight back against police tyranny!”  Right?

Here’s their video:

The NRA has responded by branding the left as the violent agitators.  And that you must take up arms because the left is so violent and will blame their violence on the NRA.  This video even comes dangerously close to promoting violence.  It is definitely implied.

Videos such as this is why Black Lives Matter has labeled the NRA a terrorist organization.

So NRA: We have a question for you.  Do you:

A) Encourage black men to arm themselves against tyranny?

Or B) Own up.  Your mission isn’t to protect gun rights.  Your mission is to instill fear in “traditional” America to sell more guns to “traditional” America.  And by traditional we mean white.

What’s it going to be?

The Tilted Glass

PS: It's time for you to change or go away.

The Tilted Glass