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Study: Chemtrails Are Caused By Burning Kale - Kaletrails Explained

Dec 06, 2018

Next time you hear a friend talk chemtrails, correct them.  They’re actually called kaletrails.

A recent study proves that chemtrails are real and its chemical agent is kale.

What is the chemtrail “conspiracy”?

To understand kaletrails, it helps first to have a basic understanding of chemtrails.

The chemtrail conspiracy is the belief that the water vapor trails made by high-flying aircraft (aka: condensation trails / contrails) are actually trails of nefarious chemicals (aka: chemtrails).

Powerful People put chemtrails into the sky to engineer the weather, keep society poisoned, mind control the masses, and for other evil purposes.

Scientists on Earth have consistently debunked this conspiracy.  But these are scientists… on Earth.  Can scientists down on Earth know much about the sky?  Apparently not.

Proof that chemtrails are real

Remember when we were children, we we first saw a jet flying through the sky? It was amazing.  We could hear its sound following with a lag.  How we'd imagine this above world.

I still remember the trail of white smoke as it cut lines into the sky.  Except it’s actually not smoke: it’s water vapor.  These contrails lasted just a few seconds. My point is: They did not last very long at all.

Yet today, look in the sky.  The contrails last much longer.  That’s because there’s chemicals in the contrails to make them last longer.  I know this because when we were children it was so different back then.

The study

And now, cut to today, to the recent Tilted Glass/Yale-Kale study.  This study conducted by real scientists prove that the chemicals being put into the sky are actually kale.  

This isn’t a right wing conspiracy — it’s a left wing conspiracy.  Actually it takes two wings to fly a plane.

But don't believe some uncited "study" by "scientists."  You can test yourself.  Have you ever seen kale burnt by a jet engine?  The trails in the sky look just like that.  Go ahead and try it at home.  Just be sure to fly your jet at altitudes over 26,000 feet for the purest effect.  And also be sure to rig your engine fuel to include organic kale.  Not the crappy industrial kale full of chemicals.  You’ll see.  It’s a kaletrail.  No other chemical can produce an effect quite like kale — go ahead and test all the chemicals.  Believe me.  You'll see.

Why kale?

The nutrients in kale support healthy skin, hair, and bones. Its fiber content helps digestion and cardiovascular health.  Kale is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on Earth.

Airline CEOs and military generals use kale to brainwash the sheepish masses into their socialist liberal agenda.  Kale is the main step to eating healthy, and health consciousness is the gateway to the disintegration of traditional society and the destruction of traditional values, such as diabetes and hospital bills.

Kale is also loaded with powerful antioxidants like quercetin and kaempferol.  Yes, these nasty sounding names are actually being put into your bodies right now through the food and air we breathe.


Is there a way out?  Is there hope?  The first step begins with awareness.  So next time you hear someone talk of chemtrails — let them know that you know better.

The Tilted Glass